We put farmers and children first.

The Sainam Foundation’s projects are based upon the idea of involving the potential beneficiaries of our help in the working process and making them part of a wider common project. Sainam can count on a popular base of volunteers, all living in the villages where the organization is active, that are always ready to notify the people in charge of deserving cases.

This project aims to become a helping center where there will be no difference between those who give and those who receive, but where there will only be the common goal of helping those who suffer and need a hand. The Sainam Foundation is in charge of the entire project. To achieve this goal the N.G.O. organized a working network with volunteers and local government schools.

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Step 1: Careful Planning

We have careful planning in every project we start and aiming to help each other come across any life problems and as we always give them jobs not giving easy money to them as a charity.

Step 2: Team Assembly

We are the big family, all of members are caring and helping each other that can see some from photos showing in activities we have done and report to our beloved sponsors on this site. And we are also welcome new members or volunteers who would like to helping us reach the mission.

Step 3: Follow Through

We are growing and developing out projects and never stop working for those who are in crisis situation in life. Also running a farmer group to goes stronger and earning the main income like a pipeline of our members.

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We have development team, our working all the time for valuable of all money we get from our sponsors.


Sainam Foundation is a great teamwork of staffs, volunteer, sponsors.

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12 hours ago

Sainam Family

Sainam has six Organic Farms; four in Ban Naudom (Sainam’s Village), and two in Baan Yang village. The idea behind the “Organic Farm” has expanded and a fruit garden has begun. The “Fruit Garden” is working with the same system as our FARMS. It is a Co-op providing a job and a small extra income for our people. The fruits and the vegetables will be sold locally or used for our children and people.
We are promoting clean and pesticide-free agriculture, while trying to implement a policy of self-sustainment. About 15 people are working in our farms. An addition to this project was the construction of an Organic Fertilizer Production center.

To complete the “Self-sustainment” projects, Sainam also started THE ANIMAL REARING COOPERATIVE to incentivize families to work and not depend on others, Sainam provided them with 0% loans to start an animal rearing business.

We currently have “pig farms”, “chicken and egg farms”, and “insect farms”. If we can find a sponsor we plan to expand and start a “duck farm”.

Sainam ha organizzato 6 Fattorie Organiche. Quattro si trovano nel villaggio sede di Sainam Foundation, Ban Naudom, e due a Ban Yang.
La frutta e la verdura prodotte vengono vendute localmente e pure utilizzate per la nostra gente.

Sainam intende continuare a promuovere un’agricoltura ecologica e libera dai pesticidi e una politica che porti all’auto-sufficienza.

Abbiamo pure costruito un piccolo centro per la produzione autonoma di fertilizzante e concime organico.

A completamento del programma di auto-sostentamento e per incentivare le famiglie verso l’indipendenza economica abbiamo concesso dei prestiti ad interesse 0% per iniziare una piccola attivita’ di allevamento animali.
Abbiamo attualmente allevamenti di maiali, galline e insetti e, se riuscissimo a trovare uno sponsor, vorremmo iniziare pure con le anatre!
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THE SAINAM FOUNDATION is active in North Eastern Thailand (Isaan), the poorest region of the country where farming is the main source of income. Sainam mostly helps children who have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents or who come from extremely impoverished families. Sainam provides educational scholarships, developmental assistance, and medical care for the neediest people living in the areas where the N.G.O. is active.