Sponsorship in English




Child Sponsorship is a way to give a child the hope of a better future. Sponsorship doesn’t just give the child an education. It gives them the opportunity to help themselves.


Sponsorship is a way to improve a needy child’s life.

Through regular contributions, sponsors help provide impoverished children with basic necessities, such as educational assistance, medical care, food supplement, durable clothing and shoes, improved living conditions and much more.


SAINAM is extremely careful not to make any difference between the children who have a sponsor and those who do not. We are helping every one of them in the same way because we believe that the child shall be like a channel to bring changes in the whole community.

SAINAM does not encourage the sponsors to have the idea that they “have” a child in Thailand. We encourage the concept of global help for the whole community; we want to bring a better life for everyone who lives in pain or is struggling just to meet the basic needs of survival.


The amount requested to sponsor a child is


                             SUPPORTER SPONSORSHIP: Sfr 600 / € 500 a year

                               STANDARD SPONSORHIP: Sfr. 300 / € 250 a year

                                  JUNIOR SPONSORSHIP: Sfr 120 / € 500 a year


Payable on a yearly basis, bi-annually or every trimester.

The amount will not be used exclusively for a child only but the whole community will also benefit from this sponsorship.

While agreeing to support a child you will receive news about the child, his/her photo and also our e-letter (via e-mail only) which will keep you updated on the progress of Sainam’s ongoing projects.



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