Sainam is facing serious financial troubles. While the  number of children requesting our help is always increasing it is more than a year since we had a new sponsor willing to help us.  For this reason we are extremely grateful to our sponsors who keep throwing us a lifeline. Among them there are few  sponsors we would like to specially thank, like Mr. Daniel Corrodi who, through his will, did donate money in favour of Thai Students.

His legacy has been executed by Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) – an international, humanitarian and philanthropic organization and now the “DANIEL CORRODI SCHOLARSHIP” is sponsoring 13 students of Sainam Foundation.  Daniel Corrodi was a member of the IOOF since 1973. He passed away in March 2011, leaving a considerable legacy for charities benefitting children in Thailand.  It is a gift that shall reduce suffering and offer the children a better future.

We are extremely grateful to IOOF and we will work to make sure that the 13 students chosen will honor the memory of Khun Daniel Corrodi.